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AGATH is a French manufacturer who creates some of the world’s highest quality multimedia systems. The creators of AGATH have been working together since 2004 to develop some of the most advanced TV sets for the finest of homes. With extensive backgrounds in engineering and technology, the design team at AGATH create some of the best multimedia products. Using only the best components, AGATH continuously bring only the highest quality products to the market. AGATH is at the forefront of multimedia innovation and production worldwide. Based close to Lyon, AGATH TV sets are available through a handpicked selection of an international network of retailers. We are proud to offer AGATH’s exceptionally designed TV sets to our customers. From boutique hotels, saunas and yachts through to bathrooms and living spaces, AGATH TV sets can be installed virtually anywhere, the possibilities are unlimited. The company specialises in, and is renowned for, providing only the finest bespoke systems which are designed specifically to meet your requirements. 

AGATH create TV sets and they range in sizes from 13” – 65”, offering a wide selection of glass finishes to suit your needs. The selection of glass finishes allow you to tailor the design of your multimedia system to suit the decor and purpose of your room. Whether you require a waterproof surface or an anti-glare finish for light rooms, the possibilities are endless. The option to choose a mirrored finish also offers a stunning addition to any room. Compatible with all control systems, AGATH screens integrate seamlessly into any room and all products are IP rated. The TV sets can be built to fit either in wall or on wall with a choice of a deported or embedded media module. All AGATH TV sets are thin, providing a beautiful, sleek finish to any room. The team at AGATH create TV systems built to withstand high temperatures of 100 degrees centigrade, perfect for use in saunas or the bathroom. These sets still offer the discretion of a lightweight in wall system while working at high performance in hot and humid environments. Television sets for bathrooms and saunas are available with a waterproof remote for easy use in the room.

As well as supplying products to private customers, AGATH installs can be seen in some of the most luxurious hotels across the world, including George V or Shangri La in Paris, Saint-Roch in Courchevel, Majestic in Cannes, Sofitel in Cairo and Bab in Marrakech, to name just a few. The company is also partnered with some of today’s top architects and decorators, such as P-Y. Rochon, Philippe Starck, R. Tessier, J-Ph Nuel and SM Design. The Architectural television sets are now on show at Harrods. AGATH is one of our carefully selected manufacturers and as such are one our most trusted suppliers of high quality products. To begin finding out how you can benefit from the range from AGATH, browse our product collection or contact one of our experts for more information. 

Wyre Storm

As an award-winning electronics manufacturing company at the forefront of digital technology, Wyrestorm have been distributing HD audio/video (AV) solutions and multimedia throughout homes and businesses since 2010, with an emphasis on providing users with complete control over the video they watch in every room.  The firm has development centres based in Europe and Asia, where they produce cutting-edge, high-quality media delivery systems – and controls – with a focus on providing the right technology for the right application.  Wyrestorm products are versatile and can be connected together in various ways to provide the perfect AV setup for your home.

Wyrestorm specialise in AV control and supply distribution in HD and 4K, while allowing for upscaling through HDMI, fibre optic and more.  The firm’s technology can allow for users to install flexible AV sharing in the form of home theatres, digital signage, and multiroom video.  Wyrestorm have provided distribution through HDMI, HDBaseT and AV over IP both in the home and on a commercial basis, allowing stores, offices, schools, sports grounds, conference rooms and even places of worship to benefit from superior quality AV shared fluidly from room to room.

Taking control of your audio, your video, your wireless network and the way you entertain doesn’t need to be complex.  Having provided solutions to a wide range of buildings, enterprises and more, Wyrestorm are in the prime position of being able to share their brilliant products and interface design through services such as our own.  If you’d like to know more, why not get in touch today – and we’ll discuss your ideal home with you without obligation.


When it comes to manufacturing the highest quality of sound systems, Triad is a visionary designer, creating some of the world’s best high end loudspeakers and audio systems. Founded in 1982, the company have worked tirelessly to produce systems at the forefront of sound technology and manufacturing. The company has since built its world renowned reputation by word of mouth from customers for providing the best custom made speakers on the market. Triad are proud to still bare the rare stamp of “Made in the USA” on all of their bespoke audio systems. Designed and manufactured in Portland, Oregon and shipped to hand selected Triad dealers within three to five working days, your product is hand crafted and built to your specifications and requirements upon ordering. As a Triad customer, this ensures you are purchasing only the best custom made audio system and not a generic model which has been sat in a warehouse for several years.

The company design their systems, not as commodities for listening, but for customers to experience sound in a whole new way. They believe you should never settle for an audio system that provides otherwise. Triad create unique and individual audio systems that integrate seamlessly within any room, providing high quality audio throughout the finest living environments. Triad designs allow you the ultimate placement options for your custom speaker system. Triad speakers can be selected to fit in or on walls, ceilings or elsewhere in the room. The company create all of their custom audio systems to feature the same type of full enclosure for the best sound quality and isolation. This ensures you experience the same high quality of Triad integrated sound experience regardless of the placement in your home. The product finishes can also be selected to suit your existing decor. Triad offer various stock finishes as well as the ability to match wood or paint finishes using a sample provided by you.

We are proud to offer Triad products to our customers. Triad are a long standing environmentally conscious manufacturer who go the extra mile by reducing the use of harsh solvents and the use of water based finishes, to limit pollution and to produce environmentally friendly products. To find out more about creating your perfect audio system, take a look at our product collection or contact one of our experts for more information.

Proof Vision

Proof Vision have been manufacturing waterproof TV supplies since 2008, and as such are genuine pioneers in what is becoming a very valuable niche. They have also launched a range of outdoor digital signage displays that pay particular attention to brightness and heat dissipation while remaining ultra-thin.  The way in which we work, relax and wind-down is changing by the day, meaning that we need to future-proof our technology – waterproof TVs are only the start.  As part of our installation and consultation services, we can provide Proof Vision TV standards into any home or business premises – from the kitchen, shower, and garden to the swimming pool.

Proof Vision waterproof TVs can be safely installed in any room of your home, which not only means that you can benefit from entertainment both upstairs and down, but in the comfort of knowing that your technology will not be impacted by water damage or any other catastrophe.  The firm’s TV systems are flat screen in design and HD in output, which means that there is no sacrifice in entertainment quality over their waterproof innovation.  This also means that their systems can be easily linked with existing third party supplies and devices, many of which we can install for you as part of a bespoke home network solution.  Proof Vision equipment can be controlled and requested through central control systems and can be used with sound and media server hardware which we offer.

For high-spec visual entertainment, crisp audio and assured safety in every product, we will be happy to discuss Proof Vision’s range of waterproof, durable TV solutions for your ideal home.  Keeping you at the heart of the process, we will discuss any ranges that appeal to you and will make suggestions where appropriate.  If the idea of flexible, safe video technology in every room appeals to you, we will endeavour to make sure it is a focus of your home design.  Please call us or email us today if you’d like to know, or if you’d like us to get started for you.

HD Anywhere

HD Anywhere, founded in 2010, are focused on ensuring that you have access to all of your HD devices through each and every TV or video system in your home.  With the benefit of an all-access application downloadable for your smartphone, their aim is to provide effortless control to anyone who is keen to share their visual entertainment from room to room.  Providing an efficient and easily operated hub for devices as diverse as Sky boxes, Blu-Ray players, games consoles and more besides, the firm have developed versatile software and hardware that enables the user to pause the action in one room, and then move into the next to carry on, with the additional option of using the set-top box remote thanks to the systems built-in IR control.

HD Anywhere’s technology largely operates via the MHUB, which can be called up and accessed through any TV or video devices connected via your home network.  From here, you can use the uControl App – through the smartphone – to swap and change entertainment devices, or cancel playback as well as many other control options. This technology is designed by industry experts who have also ensured that there is no additional programming or complex input required from the user.  HD Anywhere technology allows for the sharing of ultra high-definition entertainment, from 4K video to online streaming and more besides.  HD Anywhere’s MHUB and uControl services enable you to cut the cost of purchasing multiple devices or subscriptions – simply share access from room to room.  What’s more, the technology can even be implemented as part of a Crestron, Loxone or Savant system – all of which we can provide to our customers.  If you have an Amazon Echo or Alexa device, this too can be easily integrated with MHUB technology.

As part of any home installation, our experts can bring HD Anywhere into your home at your request.  If your ideal home network focuses on entertainment, and you would like to know more about sharing video, gaming and more besides from room to room, we will be happy to discuss and design a plan for you that brings HD Anywhere into your home’s functionality.

Definitive Technology

Founded by an audiophile legend with extensive knowledge and background within the cinematic industry, the company has been built on a passion for audio. The company headquarters are based in California and the company was born in the birthplace of entertainment. Surrounded by lovers and visionaries of sound, Definitive Technology has created some of the best audio products that offer customers the ultimate audio experience. Decades of award-winning success creating high-quality audio systems places Definitive Technology at the top of the world’s speaker manufacturers. 

Supremely engineered, Definitive Technology produce audio systems with unmatched sound quality that revolutionise the entire market for audio products. For years, the company has created an audio system that incorporates the requirements of an independent sonic device within a stylish exterior, which can be integrated within the finest of living spaces. 

The Definitive Technology sound systems offer unparalleled lifelike sound stage audio with key drivers positioned to the front and rear of the speaker, allowing sound to radiate in either direction for the ultimate audio experience. All of this big technology is built within a small system, offering maximum audio from a minimal device. The audio systems include intelligent bass control allowing you to experience the true sound from your Definitive Technology speakers. Combined with a unique digital signal processor which allows you to modulate the bass level, your best ever audio experience is at your fingertips. 

Years of audio innovation has allowed Definitive Technology to rise to prominence as one of the world’s number one premium speaker manufacturers. The company pride itself on hiring only like minded creators to give life to their sound. Their selection of talent ensures your product is of the highest quality from concept to creation. We are proud to be one of Definitive Technology suppliers and provide our customers with unmatched audio quality for their professional, commercial or private use. We use a carefully selected group of manufacturers to ensure we only deliver the highest quality of products, so you can be assured that Definitive Technology will only supply the best performance audio systems to suit your requirements. To find out more about using Definitive Technology audio systems within your personal or professional living space, contact one of our experts today.

Digital Projection

We are proud suppliers of Digital Projection’s extensive line of high performance custom install projection systems. A UK based company, Digital Projection is a visionary manufacturer of high end projection systems for seamless use in almost any environment. Established in 1996, the company has extensive knowledge of designing and building high quality three chip and single chip digital projection systems. The first company to use DLP projector technology in their products, Digital Projection has always been at the forefront of designing some of the world’s best projectors. As such, the company’s use of a pioneering adaption of digital projection has been revered for years.

With their Head Office located in Manchester, Digital Projection have quickly become a world-renowned international brand supplying products throughout the global market. Digital Projection has been offering only the highest quality projection solutions to some of the world’s top professional and commercial projector installation users for decades. With a reputation for creating some of the finest UK products, their projectors are used across the world in some of the top imaging applications, including lecture theatres, live event staging and large auditoriums. 

Built by visionary experts, they work hard to create projectors that offer stunning picture quality, for that top performance cinema experience. Their projection systems are also a perfect solution for private customers looking for a high quality projector to suit their home cinema requirements. Digital Projection create their projectors to work seamlessly with other multimedia equipment for an integrated installation system suitable for any room. The company has been accredited with various awards annually for their products, such as the award for the Best Specialist Projector of the Year award with HIGHlite Laser at the AV Awards and the inAVate Award for the Insight Laser at the InAVation Awards 2017. 

We work closely with Digital Projection, to provide customers with the best custom projection solutions on the market. If you would like to learn more about our available Digital Projection systems take a closer look at our products or contact one of our experts today.


Amina Technologies provide some of the world’s leading audio innovations, and are at the forefront of invisible speaker production worldwide.  The company was founded in Cambridgeshire in 1999 and is overseen by Managing Director Richard Newlove, who is in fact responsible for having invented the plaster-over speaker, which can be covered by a variety of materials.  It’s this design which has helped to set the bar for invisible speaker technology across the industry.  The firm places an emphasis on retaining high quality sound and frequencies while reducing visible hardware in the home.  As such, Amina is a brand you can rely on for hidden audio of the highest quality – and their product line makes for an ideal fit for a smart home or entertainment network.

Amina speakers can be installed beneath wall coverings throughout the home to render them ‘invisible’, meaning that the source of sound and music can be almost impossible to locate and yet there is no risk of any loss of sound quality. By employing NXT technology the speakers provide unmatchable levels of clarity regardless of the acoustic environment you are in. Amina speakers work seamlessly with an immersive home cinema system and their Vibrational Panel Technology, or VPT, creates hundreds of minute vibrations across any surface they are installed under – resulting in a natural sound with incredible clarity, inspired by technology used for musical instruments such as violins and guitars.

Amina is just one of many manufacturers and firms we work with, and as such, they are one of our most trusted allies in bringing remarkable audio quality and sound solutions to our smart homes.  If your focus is on great sound design, quality and an emphasis on keeping speakers and systems tucked out of sight, Amina is a brand you can trust.  Our experts will design and produce a smart entertainment system for you that will not only be convenient to use, but will also be constructed from technology that freely communicates with itself – making for a smart, high quality network that will be the basis for the ideal home cinema system.

Future Automation

Future Automation, established in 1998, have been creating and providing bespoke video and audio installation support on a commercial basis.  They are also able to provide a variety of home automation assists to private and residential customers, meaning that your AV installations can be safely stored, called and hidden at your request thanks to the firm’s design and manufacturing expertise.  Specialising in integrators which allow for devices to be concealed and transported in line with smart home installations, Future Automation offer essential support for a home which is focused on keeping outward interior design minimal, and entertainment functional on demand.

Future Automation specialise in devices and technology as diverse as wall mounts, TV lifts, projector lifts and moving panels, all of which will enable you to conceal or move your video and audio equipment out of sight when not in use.  This functionality comes with the assurance that the design team will always aim to find a solution to your specific needs and desires, which means that a bespoke approach to the installation of their products will always be their highest priority.  The firm also produce and install ceiling mounts, motorised doors, shades and even airflow control products, all designed and implemented to provide you with complete control over your devices from a central panel or access point.

With your design requirements in mind, we will be able to work with you to install a superb hideaway from Future Automation that best suits your needs and requirements.  This means that we will be able to either install a drop-down arm or panel system in your ceiling, or we can even arrange to hide a big screen behind a sliding panel above your mantelpiece.  Future Automation is just one of many superb brands that we work with to help make smart homes and flawless automation a reality for thousands of homes.


Integra are one of the world’s longest-standing audio and video specialists, and are part of the Japanese manufacturing giant Onkyo.  Since 1969, the firm has been designing and manufacturing home entertainment solutions for a variety of different purposes, and continue to be at the forefront of their industry for Home Automation solutions.  For the perfect home cinema sound, Integra arguably produce some of the most attractive options.  They have been their own brand for some time, having split away to focus on building their own reputation.

From professional soundbars to immersive theatre mixers and audio codecs, the firm’s engineers and industry experts continue to design products that deliver high quality sound from CD players to Blu-Ray systems and more.  Working in tandem with a range of different video devices and smart home installations, Integra’s audio solutions come in various shapes and sizes.  From receivers and amplifiers to mixing technology, Integra products are designed with professional, high-quality presets ready-installed for the cleanest, highest-clarity audio – however, you are also free to make adjustments to your own tastes.  Specialising in multi-zone services and audio expansion, Integra products allow users to control what gets played and where – and to what quality.  When partnered with Savant, Crestron or other home automation providers, Integra home theatre solutions work hard to emulate the cinema sound.

If you’re interested in bringing the best in professional theatre-quality audio and video to your home and would like to know more about the products that we can integrate into your home, we will work with you to help design an entertainment system that revolutionises your enjoyment of your favourite movies, TV and music.  Integra audio simplifies even the most complex of home entertainment problems into one or two simple devices, all of which can be accessed through Crestron, Savant, Loxone and other control interfaces.


Meridian Audio was formed in 1977, and since then they have been responsible for designing and providing high-quality and innovative audio solutions to homes worldwide.  Balancing high performance audio with unique, elegant visual appeal, the firm not only specialise in designing speakers and sound systems for basic Hi-Fi or music players, but are experienced in creating cinema-quality soundscapes for home theatres and entertainment systems. 

Meridian has partnered with a variety of world-renowned engineers and brands over the years to create unique products that emphasise perfect sound quality and cutting-edge design.  Among their recent partnerships is Jaguar Land Rover, who have worked with Meridian to provide audio technology for their latest top end models.

Home cinema audio needs to emulate the theatre experience as closely as possible, and Meridian are flexible sound design professionals – which means that they will be able to offer a variety of user-friendly and easy to install products for home cinemas of all shapes and statures.  If you have a specialised cinema room and are in need of a sound system which either blends with or enhances its visual appeal, you will likely find Meridian’s range of sound system designs pleasing on the eye and even more impressive on the ear.  The firm’s own ethos is that they aim to put their listeners at the heart of every performance – which means they can effortlessly capture the famous cinematic sound for your home.

For audio solutions that not only balance form and function, but also offer the best in sound quality and aesthetic appeal, Meridian are arguably at the front of the pack.  We are able to provide Meridian sound solutions to your home cinema and entertainment network as part of any installation, which means that you will be able to use their product line in tandem with other third party services.  What’s more, you will always be able to keep control – as Meridian products work seamlessly with home network technology of all calibres. 


Sonos have been reinventing home audio since 2002, and in that time they have been responsible for creating exciting, flexible sound systems that can allow users to experience their favourite music and playlists in every room of their home, be it from a radio station, a podcast, or from your personal phone/tablet .  The brand’s aim is to change the way that people listen to music – you can move speakers freely around the home and connect your music wherever you go through WiFi and the associated app.  This means that you never have to worry about complex networks of cables and wires.  If you don’t have strong WiFi connectivity, you can even connect Sonos hardware to your router via an Ethernet port.  Sonos Playbar technology, too, will help you to create a cinematic surround-sound system that will flexibly stream and play all of your favourite music and movies.

Sonos products can be installed alongside a variety of other home technology and benefits, and along with our expert home architecture services, we can efficiently blend invisible speakers and more besides into your home to ensure that your music is always accessible from within the body of your home itself. They even allow for streaming services such as Deezer, Spotify and Amazon MP3 to be used alongside any speaker services you may opt for.  Sonos systems and hardware not only aim to give you complete control but also intend to provide booming, optimal sound quality no matter what you play, when and where – and the advanced technology allows your speaker to know the structure and definition of a speaker and the acoustics of a room with minimal input from you.

All Sonos products can work together wirelessly, allowing you to fill your home with music by grouping the devices. If the thought of taking greater control over your music appeals to you, Sonos products will not only make your entertainment experience smoother, but you’ll be able to hear the difference almost instantly.  Exciting sound quality and unlimited control from over thirty different streaming services will ensure that you never tire of Sonos’ dedication to upgrading the home music experience.

Stewart Filmscreen

Stewart Filmscreen have been designing, building and providing bespoke projector screen creations for over 70 years, using only the finest materials and craftsmanship.  Supplying to clients in the commercial sector as well as homeowners, systems designers, consultants, integrators and aesthetic-conscious architects, the firm is widely regarded as one of the hardest-working and most innovative names in projection screen supply.  Each screen they produce is not only built to order, but goes through a meticulous, hand-made assembly and quality assurance line to ensure that the needs and requirements of the client are always met.

Stewart Filmscreen offer projector screen solutions as diverse as curved or domed shapes to super widescreen creations, offering what they refer to as class uniformity across each and every project they take on.  This means that, no matter what size or shape you need your film screen to be, they will not forsake colour accuracy, optimal resolutions or superb durability.  Stewart Filmscreen products can be used to work in conjunction with a wide variety of third party devices and brands, meaning that if authentic, unbeatable projection quality is high on your agenda, we can help to install the brand’s brilliant bespoke products as part of your home solution.

Custom made projection screens are likely to be a dream for any dedicated film fan, and if you are leaning towards choosing a bespoke screen for your home entertainment experience, we can highly recommend their versatile and quality-assured approach to film screen production.  Simply let us know your requirements at each stage and we will liaise with Stewart Filmscreen on your behalf.


Sonance and their engineers have been specialising in home theatre sound solutions since 1983, and since then have been designing state-of-the-art in-wall and ceiling speakers and audio output for homeowners and commercial properties in need of invisible technology without compromising on overall quality.  The firm is also well-known for producing all-weather sound systems that not only stand the test of time, but are also designed to blend into any exterior design.

Sonance’s team work tirelessly to ensure that their products provide flawless sound quality regardless of their purpose.  From aesthetically appealing standalone speakers to hidden, invisible sound walls that can be embedded into the ceilings or walls of your home, Sonance is a brand used by professionals to achieve the very best in audio high definition.

Sonance is just one of many brands that we partner with to ensure that our customers get the very best in home entertainment quality and smart network supplies.  Sonance products can be employed in a variety of ways and can be easily connected via other products and services we supply in whichever ways you wish.  We will work with you from the very start of your home project through to installation, meaning that your input is not only valued, it’s essential.  Contact us today if you’d like to know more about how Sonance products can bring even better music to your ears.

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