Tom Schneider

To accompany our selection of high-end multi media manufacturers, we are also a proud supplier of world renowned media system furniture designer, Home Theatre by Tom Schneider. Tom Schneider has been creating beautifully designed and innovative furniture for over 20 years. The British company blend high spec quality with functional design and unique style. The company follows the mantra of ‘Perfect Curved Design’, designing multimedia system furniture with a recognisably shaped flair of sleek curves and natural materials. 

The Home Theatre collection by Tom Schneider is a perfect accompaniment to your multimedia system. Inspired by the unique forms within the natural world, each piece is a contemporary work of art. Individually handcrafted in Europe by a team of skilled artisans, Tom Schneider uses beautiful natural wood veneers of the highest quality to create one of the most stunning home theatre furniture collections on the market. The team use innovative production techniques to meticulously craft the perfect curved finish on each piece. 

The wood materials used to create each piece of furniture are carefully sourced to ensure veneers are acquired only from environmentally conscious forests. The company only use materials from countries where they can be sure that no illegal logging has taken place to create the product. You can build your perfect Tom Schneider piece to suit your multimedia system. By selecting the design, size and finish you can craft the perfect media accompaniment for your living space. Tom Schneider products also integrate unique features, such as cable management, sound bar compatibility and heat ventilation to seamlessly accommodate even the most sophisticated of media systems. From the drawing board to your home, we bring the finest media systems furniture from Tom Schneider into your living space. Please take a closer look at our collection of Tom Schneider products or contact one of our experts to find out more.

Cinema Tech

CinemaTech is a home theatre design firm that has been designing and producing superb bespoke entertainment suites for customers since 1998.  Not purely focused on the look or feel of a home cinema, the firm benefits from industry professionals who help to create rooms that both offer incredible acoustics and the visual appeal of a night at the movies.  CinemaTech pride themselves on being able to offer truly bespoke creations to homeowners, with a team of acoustical engineers and artists ready to help create unique theatre spaces with integrated smart technology.

CinemaTech work closely with customers to create home theatre rooms that benefit from expert sound quality, the unmistakable look of a cinema screen, viewing comfort with luxurious seats handcrafted in Germany with all-steel frames and fully motorised recline, and overall functionality – creating outstanding looks and performance. Their expertise is therefore highly valued in the creation of a smart home network; particularly one built around a stunning and unique home cinema.

CinemaTech was born into a market where there was little in the way of focus on the aesthetics of the home cinema – it’s arguable that there was too much focus on the screen and not on the cinema itself!  Therefore, their experts have worked hard to offer homes all over the world the chance to bring the box office back home – without skimping on quality performance – and we’re very proud to be able to bring such beautiful and authentic interior design solutions to our customers.


BDI have been designing and manufacturing a premier choice of  unique, functional, and original home theatre and office furniture, shelving, storage, and table solutions for thousands of homes since 1984, and are industry leaders in home furnishings with a contemporary edge.

BDI home furnishing innovations include incorporated TV mounting brackets, hidden wheels, cable management, flow-through ventilation, integrated levellers and swivel, soundbar platforms, IR-friendly tempered glass and concealment panels, all of which can be put to use in a variety of ways. 

BDI create and provide modular furniture which can be used to make the most of the tightest of spaces.  The Semblance range is designed to ensure that even the most neglected of spaces such as the corners of a room can be put to work – with a range of versatile furniture and media cabinets that will build towards an organised and welcoming atmosphere unique to your home.  BDI provide office furniture and solutions that are both stylish and functional, beneficial to both the home office and to the larger corporate floor.

BDI are superb innovators in bespoke furnishings, and we will work with you to create a unique and stunning entertainment lounge for all to enjoy again and again.  Call us today if you are interested in a no-obligation consultation, or please visit our other manufacturer pages for a close look at the other services we can supply.

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