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Kaleidescape is a US-based firm that creates media servers for modern day homes.  Having been founded in 2001 and after quickly becoming an industry standard throughout the US, we are proud to be able to bring the firm’s technology to UK customers.  Kaleidescape servers are designed and built to enable users to upload and upgrade their existing hard media – for example CDs and DVDs – into an integrated cloud network, which will then seek to match music and video with the latest and best quality versions available.

Kaleidescape technology offers multi-room entertainment via servers that can be connected to and unified with a range of audio and video solutions.  The Kaleidescape Store enabling users to find their favourite albums, shows and films in 4K Ultra HD and Blu-Ray quality where available, along with a user interface that makes entertainment suggestions based on your existing library.  This means that you will be able to download movies and more direct to your home server.  Kaleidescape have already partnered with a variety of studios and entertainment giants, such as Disney, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, NBC Universal, Lionsgate, 20th Century Fox and many more.  It is highly likely, therefore, that the majority of popular movies will be available for download through your own media server.

Kaleidescape is just one of the big names and brands that we work with to help bring fantastic home entertainment and fluid home services to our clients.  In co-operation with media hardware which can be easily installed into the rooms of your home, Kaleidescape’s media server can be called up, programmed and used when you want it the most.  We will show you exactly how to make the most of the media server when we finish your installation.

Other Media Servers

Media servers are a popular source of entertainment control for smart homes as they enable users to digitise their existing media into the best quality formats available.  Further to this, users can even access their upgraded media libraries throughout their home in conjunction with flexible audio and control systems.  While we arguably lead with our fantastic media server partners, Kaleidescape, we also provide server support and media digitising on behalf of a host of other firms and manufacturers.  This is to ensure that we can always provide you with the widest possible choice in media server products, and so that you may find the most appropriate system for your needs.

We can also provide media server support from brilliant, world-class brands as diverse as Sonos, Autonomic, Loxone, Crestron and Savant.  Each server product range possesses different qualities and benefits, and we will work closely with you to find the most appropriate hardware and functionality for your needs.  We will present you with details on each server product and manufacturer range during the design consultation process, along with access to a wider catalogue.  We will never force a brand nor a design feature on you – from Crestron to Kaleidescape to Loxone, media servers are becoming major facets in modern home installations as more and more people opt to upgrade their outdated CDs and DVDs to digital, high definition audio and video.

The manufacturers and suppliers we partner with never do work by halves.  We ensure that we pick and partner with the most efficient, talented and innovative teams who are world-renowned at what they do and innovative in their product design.  Regardless of your media server needs, or the brand you choose, we will always be able to install, demonstrate and maintain your home equipment and services at your request – if you’d like to know more, please call us today and we can get started for you as soon as you’re ready.

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