Paxton Access have been creating and providing secure IP access control, door entry and building intelligence systems for smart buildings on a commercial basis for over 30 years. Largely developing solutions for high-security environments such as those in healthcare, public sector bodies and schools, they can also be relied upon to design and produce home security that offers users a unique level of control and jurisdiction over who can enter their property.  They are amongst the fastest-growing security companies with a proven track record and business longevity.

Paxton specialise in flexible and professional access control with minimal training required, and systems that will grow as your home/business grows.  Your network can be designed to help secure your property from unwanted visitors using the firm’s patented access systems, which will not only allow you to provide PIN and swipe access to those you know and trust, but will also allow you to keep stock of who is able to enter your building or property and when.  Paxton provide access control systems that can be used in conjunction with CCTV or cameras from other security firms we partner with in our home installations.  Their compact range of card readers and keypads are vandal-proof and are completely customisable to your own security standards and needs.

Home systems can benefit from commercial standard hardware and innovation such as those created by Paxton without the need for extensive installation or rising costs.  Paxton’s range of foolproof access systems will connect and operate in line with many different control management services, and we will therefore be able to help you find the most appropriate, and most practical, customisations for you and your home.  If security is a prime concern, commercial quality access control should be at the top of your agenda.

Hik Vision

Hikvision, founded in 2001, are leaders in home video surveillance – providing commercial-standard and high quality video capture and playback for homes.  Hikvision’s focus is on providing users with complete control over access to their home with advanced camera technology, video management suites, alarms and security systems – all of which can be used and controlled through an existing network with ease and on demand.  The firm have provided innovative video surveillance technology to high-security environments such as the financial and transport sectors, as well as to thousands of homes worldwide.

Hikvision’s CCTV and camera systems include HD turbo technology, enabling you to track and monitor your perimeter at all times and in the sharpest quality available.  Intelligent camera technology pioneered by the firm even provides you with object tracking – which will allow you to track and set alarms for certain items or objects moved out of view – and region entry and exit control.  This function will enable users to set alarms based on movement around their camera systems, making for an effective door control system that can guard your property completely autonomously.  Further to this, Hikvision’s advanced technology allows for easy data capture from licence plates to visitor identification, along with analytics which can be used to aid your playback and analysis of video data captured from any saved time period.

Hikvision’s video monitoring systems are easy to manage, to manipulate and to control.  You can access security video at home or even away, meaning that you don’t have to be in the home to be able to protect it.  Working in tandem with a whole host of other security protocols and network features, we’ll make sure that your home is the safest in your area – with criminal deterrent, occupancy simulation and alarm systems in place to keep your fortress guarded tightly and vigilantly against unwanted visitors.  You shouldn’t be made to feel uncomfortable in your own home – and with this technology at your side, you’ll never feel safer.


Dahua are experts in home security technology and the provision of safety control.  They have been designing and producing their range of products since 2001, and have since then expanded to provide cutting-edge camera services for a variety of means.  Dahua’s product line comprises of security camera control benefitting from high-end graphic processing, image sensors, video transmission and advanced encoding – which all translate to greater control for you, the owner, over access to your property.  The firm also specialise in alarms, video intercoms and access control, meaning that they can be considered industry experts in home security provision.

Dahua products can be implemented as part of any home network with a focus on safety and control.  With instant smart camera systems that can detect suspicious activity and unwanted visitors, to emergency response reporting, a Dahua security system is one which not only provides you with complete control over your home security, but also allows you to automate access in and out of your premises with ease.  Dahua’s unified management system enables users to monitor video surveillance, capture images and video on demand, manipulate alarms and provide and deny access to any visitors who may approach.  Users have complete control over devices and their locations via E-map customisation, and Dahua systems can also be unified with third-party solutions and standards to allow for unlimited customisation.  With ANPR vehicle entrance control, too, accessing and departing a property has never been safer.

Dahua’s precision in security control and their focus on automating home safety is provided to a commercial standard – making their product line some of the most attractive to homes currently benefiting from networks.  As one of many brands we partner with to build bespoke home functionality, we can install and design a unique security network and perimeter for your home based on your needs and standards – and with a host of other peripherals and brands available.


Avigilon are responsible for designing high definition video surveillance, self-learning analytics, management hardware and software, and have been providing security solutions to homes and commercial properties since 2004.  Their pioneering and industry standard technology operates seamlessly with a host of other network technologies.

Avigilon provides high definition security video capture, playback and management systems that can be easily manipulated and used as part of your home network or business to provide high quality images with maximum coverage where you can take control of the surveillance you have captured.  The firm can even provide you with additional security in the form of access control.  With the help of their landmark Access Control Manager and Avigilon Control Center, you can not only monitor visitors, but can also provide selected individuals with swipe and smart access via integrated door and camera technology.  Avigilon’s security solutions also allow you to add extra buildings and cameras to your scope – Avigilon ACM and ACC video software provide you with monitor control over several locations at once.

Home networks and businesses can be flexible and bespoke in their approach to security, and you can therefore choose from a variety of brands and products to help build your perfect safety system.  Security should never be compromised upon, and Avigilon is just one of several firms we partner with to help create bespoke, unique security solutions to a variety of homes and for many different needs and purposes.


Texecom have been supplying security solutions to commercial and residential customers since 1986.  They have won multiple awards for their dedication to supplying alarms, motion sensors, smoke detectors, control panels and more – offering simple innovation in keeping homes and businesses safe from intrusion and from fire.  Texecom products are considered market leaders for their tireless performance, and, as a division of Halma, are focused precisely upon saving lives and preventing hazards.

Texecom’s specialism lies in alarms and detection hardware – they are first and foremost focused upon acting as your first line of defence, offering security and perimeter breach reporting, as well as hazard reporting through innovative fire and vibration detectors.  Offering motion sensors, always-on control, a variety of remote monitoring and analysis software as well as functionality in and out of the home, you really are given your own security team at your disposal at any time.  You can set your own customisation, sensitivity and more besides with flexible operations and user interfaces provided to you on request.  If running wires is not an option then Texecom also offer a wireless range of products called the Ricochet range, introduced to offer safe, reliable security with a unique style.

Texecom products are designed with home safety and hazard prevention in mind, meaning that a security system built with their Premier or Veritas Series will provide you with a solid defence.  Texecom aims to stop problems before they occur – and we will provide information on their wide range of products and services to you while designing your custom solution.

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