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Amina Technologies provide some of the world’s leading audio innovations, and are at the forefront of invisible speaker production worldwide.  The company was founded in Cambridgeshire in 1999 and is overseen by Managing Director Richard Newlove, who is in fact responsible for having invented the plaster-over speaker, which can be covered by a variety of materials.  It’s this design which has helped to set the bar for invisible speaker technology across the industry.  The firm places an emphasis on retaining high quality sound and frequencies while reducing visible hardware in the home.  As such, Amina is a brand you can rely on for hidden audio of the highest quality – and their product line makes for an ideal fit for a smart home or entertainment network.

Amina speakers can be installed beneath wall coverings throughout the home to render them ‘invisible’, meaning that the source of sound and music can be almost impossible to locate and yet there is no risk of any loss of sound quality. By employing NXT technology the speakers provide unmatchable levels of clarity regardless of the acoustic environment you are in. Amina speakers work seamlessly with an immersive home cinema system and their Vibrational Panel Technology, or VPT, creates hundreds of minute vibrations across any surface they are installed under – resulting in a natural sound with incredible clarity, inspired by technology used for musical instruments such as violins and guitars.

Amina is just one of many manufacturers and firms we work with, and as such, they are one of our most trusted allies in bringing remarkable audio quality and sound solutions to our smart homes.  If your focus is on great sound design, quality and an emphasis on keeping speakers and systems tucked out of sight, Amina is a brand you can trust.  Our experts will design and produce a smart entertainment system for you that will not only be convenient to use, but will also be constructed from technology that freely communicates with itself – making for a smart, high quality network that will be the basis for the ideal home cinema system.

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