Avigilon are responsible for designing high definition video surveillance, self-learning analytics, management hardware and software, and have been providing security solutions to homes and commercial properties since 2004.  Their pioneering and industry standard technology operates seamlessly with a host of other network technologies.

Avigilon provides high definition security video capture, playback and management systems that can be easily manipulated and used as part of your home network or business to provide high quality images with maximum coverage where you can take control of the surveillance you have captured.  The firm can even provide you with additional security in the form of access control.  With the help of their landmark Access Control Manager and Avigilon Control Center, you can not only monitor visitors, but can also provide selected individuals with swipe and smart access via integrated door and camera technology.  Avigilon’s security solutions also allow you to add extra buildings and cameras to your scope – Avigilon ACM and ACC video software provide you with monitor control over several locations at once.

Home networks and businesses can be flexible and bespoke in their approach to security, and you can therefore choose from a variety of brands and products to help build your perfect safety system.  Security should never be compromised upon, and Avigilon is just one of several firms we partner with to help create bespoke, unique security solutions to a variety of homes and for many different needs and purposes.

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