Cinema Tech

CinemaTech is a home theatre design firm that has been designing and producing superb bespoke entertainment suites for customers since 1998.  Not purely focused on the look or feel of a home cinema, the firm benefits from industry professionals who help to create rooms that both offer incredible acoustics and the visual appeal of a night at the movies.  CinemaTech pride themselves on being able to offer truly bespoke creations to homeowners, with a team of acoustical engineers and artists ready to help create unique theatre spaces with integrated smart technology.

CinemaTech work closely with customers to create home theatre rooms that benefit from expert sound quality, the unmistakable look of a cinema screen, viewing comfort with luxurious seats handcrafted in Germany with all-steel frames and fully motorised recline, and overall functionality – creating outstanding looks and performance. Their expertise is therefore highly valued in the creation of a smart home network; particularly one built around a stunning and unique home cinema.

CinemaTech was born into a market where there was little in the way of focus on the aesthetics of the home cinema – it’s arguable that there was too much focus on the screen and not on the cinema itself!  Therefore, their experts have worked hard to offer homes all over the world the chance to bring the box office back home – without skimping on quality performance – and we’re very proud to be able to bring such beautiful and authentic interior design solutions to our customers.

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