Crestron are home automation experts, arguably the largest specialists in the world – and they have been at the top of their market since 1971.  With over 45 years of experience in designing commercial automation for offices, industry and schools alike, they have now transferred their knowledge, their technology and their expertise over to home installations to the benefit of thousands of homes. 

Crestron uses a single platform solution to allow all devices within its network to communicate freely – from audio/video to shades/drapes and even pools. Crestron connects devices not through traditional channels but through a unique programming language, which means that products and devices will communicate through Crestron technology all using the same commands.  This proves for a highly satisfying and functional home network – and one which is designed and inspired by commercial solutions the firm has put into practice over the years.

Crestron products offer homeowners complete control of services as diverse as security, video, audio, lighting and even curtains and blinds.  A Crestron system is identifiable in its simplicity, allowing users to control various features of their home network with a touchscreen or panel at their discretion.  The firm’s technology also aims to help bring existing media and services up to date with inclusive e-Control technology; also providing superb media server technology for hard media such as CDs, DVDs and photos to be stored and played back on a variety of entertainment devices.  Crestron synchronised with Amazon Alexa smoothly connects to the Alexa Voice Service allowing for voice activated control of lights, temperature, and audio visual solutions.   

The benefits of introducing Crestron products and e-Control into your home network are numerous, ranging from the technology’s ability to upgrade old media and existing entertainment systems along with simple, user-friendly integration and interfaces.  Certainly, a Crestron network is one which can be designed and set up with a range of other home network products and devices which we currently provide to homes.  Please take a closer look at other services and brands we offer.

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