Dahua are experts in home security technology and the provision of safety control.  They have been designing and producing their range of products since 2001, and have since then expanded to provide cutting-edge camera services for a variety of means.  Dahua’s product line comprises of security camera control benefitting from high-end graphic processing, image sensors, video transmission and advanced encoding – which all translate to greater control for you, the owner, over access to your property.  The firm also specialise in alarms, video intercoms and access control, meaning that they can be considered industry experts in home security provision.

Dahua products can be implemented as part of any home network with a focus on safety and control.  With instant smart camera systems that can detect suspicious activity and unwanted visitors, to emergency response reporting, a Dahua security system is one which not only provides you with complete control over your home security, but also allows you to automate access in and out of your premises with ease.  Dahua’s unified management system enables users to monitor video surveillance, capture images and video on demand, manipulate alarms and provide and deny access to any visitors who may approach.  Users have complete control over devices and their locations via E-map customisation, and Dahua systems can also be unified with third-party solutions and standards to allow for unlimited customisation.  With ANPR vehicle entrance control, too, accessing and departing a property has never been safer.

Dahua’s precision in security control and their focus on automating home safety is provided to a commercial standard – making their product line some of the most attractive to homes currently benefiting from networks.  As one of many brands we partner with to build bespoke home functionality, we can install and design a unique security network and perimeter for your home based on your needs and standards – and with a host of other peripherals and brands available.

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