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Founded by an audiophile legend with extensive knowledge and background within the cinematic industry, the company has been built on a passion for audio. The company headquarters are based in California and the company was born in the birthplace of entertainment. Surrounded by lovers and visionaries of sound, Definitive Technology has created some of the best audio products that offer customers the ultimate audio experience. Decades of award-winning success creating high-quality audio systems places Definitive Technology at the top of the world’s speaker manufacturers. 

Supremely engineered, Definitive Technology produce audio systems with unmatched sound quality that revolutionise the entire market for audio products. For years, the company has created an audio system that incorporates the requirements of an independent sonic device within a stylish exterior, which can be integrated within the finest of living spaces. 

The Definitive Technology sound systems offer unparalleled lifelike sound stage audio with key drivers positioned to the front and rear of the speaker, allowing sound to radiate in either direction for the ultimate audio experience. All of this big technology is built within a small system, offering maximum audio from a minimal device. The audio systems include intelligent bass control allowing you to experience the true sound from your Definitive Technology speakers. Combined with a unique digital signal processor which allows you to modulate the bass level, your best ever audio experience is at your fingertips. 

Years of audio innovation has allowed Definitive Technology to rise to prominence as one of the world’s number one premium speaker manufacturers. The company pride itself on hiring only like minded creators to give life to their sound. Their selection of talent ensures your product is of the highest quality from concept to creation. We are proud to be one of Definitive Technology suppliers and provide our customers with unmatched audio quality for their professional, commercial or private use. We use a carefully selected group of manufacturers to ensure we only deliver the highest quality of products, so you can be assured that Definitive Technology will only supply the best performance audio systems to suit your requirements. To find out more about using Definitive Technology audio systems within your personal or professional living space, contact one of our experts today.

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