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We are proud suppliers of Digital Projection’s extensive line of high performance custom install projection systems. A UK based company, Digital Projection is a visionary manufacturer of high end projection systems for seamless use in almost any environment. Established in 1996, the company has extensive knowledge of designing and building high quality three chip and single chip digital projection systems. The first company to use DLP projector technology in their products, Digital Projection has always been at the forefront of designing some of the world’s best projectors. As such, the company’s use of a pioneering adaption of digital projection has been revered for years.

With their Head Office located in Manchester, Digital Projection have quickly become a world-renowned international brand supplying products throughout the global market. Digital Projection has been offering only the highest quality projection solutions to some of the world’s top professional and commercial projector installation users for decades. With a reputation for creating some of the finest UK products, their projectors are used across the world in some of the top imaging applications, including lecture theatres, live event staging and large auditoriums. 

Built by visionary experts, they work hard to create projectors that offer stunning picture quality, for that top performance cinema experience. Their projection systems are also a perfect solution for private customers looking for a high quality projector to suit their home cinema requirements. Digital Projection create their projectors to work seamlessly with other multimedia equipment for an integrated installation system suitable for any room. The company has been accredited with various awards annually for their products, such as the award for the Best Specialist Projector of the Year award with HIGHlite Laser at the AV Awards and the inAVate Award for the Insight Laser at the InAVation Awards 2017. 

We work closely with Digital Projection, to provide customers with the best custom projection solutions on the market. If you would like to learn more about our available Digital Projection systems take a closer look at our products or contact one of our experts today.

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