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Future Automation, established in 1998, have been creating and providing bespoke video and audio installation support on a commercial basis.  They are also able to provide a variety of home automation assists to private and residential customers, meaning that your AV installations can be safely stored, called and hidden at your request thanks to the firm’s design and manufacturing expertise.  Specialising in integrators which allow for devices to be concealed and transported in line with smart home installations, Future Automation offer essential support for a home which is focused on keeping outward interior design minimal, and entertainment functional on demand.

Future Automation specialise in devices and technology as diverse as wall mounts, TV lifts, projector lifts and moving panels, all of which will enable you to conceal or move your video and audio equipment out of sight when not in use.  This functionality comes with the assurance that the design team will always aim to find a solution to your specific needs and desires, which means that a bespoke approach to the installation of their products will always be their highest priority.  The firm also produce and install ceiling mounts, motorised doors, shades and even airflow control products, all designed and implemented to provide you with complete control over your devices from a central panel or access point.

With your design requirements in mind, we will be able to work with you to install a superb hideaway from Future Automation that best suits your needs and requirements.  This means that we will be able to either install a drop-down arm or panel system in your ceiling, or we can even arrange to hide a big screen behind a sliding panel above your mantelpiece.  Future Automation is just one of many superb brands that we work with to help make smart homes and flawless automation a reality for thousands of homes.

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