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HD Anywhere, founded in 2010, are focused on ensuring that you have access to all of your HD devices through each and every TV or video system in your home.  With the benefit of an all-access application downloadable for your smartphone, their aim is to provide effortless control to anyone who is keen to share their visual entertainment from room to room.  Providing an efficient and easily operated hub for devices as diverse as Sky boxes, Blu-Ray players, games consoles and more besides, the firm have developed versatile software and hardware that enables the user to pause the action in one room, and then move into the next to carry on, with the additional option of using the set-top box remote thanks to the systems built-in IR control.

HD Anywhere’s technology largely operates via the MHUB, which can be called up and accessed through any TV or video devices connected via your home network.  From here, you can use the uControl App – through the smartphone – to swap and change entertainment devices, or cancel playback as well as many other control options. This technology is designed by industry experts who have also ensured that there is no additional programming or complex input required from the user.  HD Anywhere technology allows for the sharing of ultra high-definition entertainment, from 4K video to online streaming and more besides.  HD Anywhere’s MHUB and uControl services enable you to cut the cost of purchasing multiple devices or subscriptions – simply share access from room to room.  What’s more, the technology can even be implemented as part of a Crestron, Loxone or Savant system – all of which we can provide to our customers.  If you have an Amazon Echo or Alexa device, this too can be easily integrated with MHUB technology.

As part of any home installation, our experts can bring HD Anywhere into your home at your request.  If your ideal home network focuses on entertainment, and you would like to know more about sharing video, gaming and more besides from room to room, we will be happy to discuss and design a plan for you that brings HD Anywhere into your home’s functionality.

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