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Integra are one of the world’s longest-standing audio and video specialists, and are part of the Japanese manufacturing giant Onkyo.  Since 1969, the firm has been designing and manufacturing home entertainment solutions for a variety of different purposes, and continue to be at the forefront of their industry for Home Automation solutions.  For the perfect home cinema sound, Integra arguably produce some of the most attractive options.  They have been their own brand for some time, having split away to focus on building their own reputation.

From professional soundbars to immersive theatre mixers and audio codecs, the firm’s engineers and industry experts continue to design products that deliver high quality sound from CD players to Blu-Ray systems and more.  Working in tandem with a range of different video devices and smart home installations, Integra’s audio solutions come in various shapes and sizes.  From receivers and amplifiers to mixing technology, Integra products are designed with professional, high-quality presets ready-installed for the cleanest, highest-clarity audio – however, you are also free to make adjustments to your own tastes.  Specialising in multi-zone services and audio expansion, Integra products allow users to control what gets played and where – and to what quality.  When partnered with Savant, Crestron or other home automation providers, Integra home theatre solutions work hard to emulate the cinema sound.

If you’re interested in bringing the best in professional theatre-quality audio and video to your home and would like to know more about the products that we can integrate into your home, we will work with you to help design an entertainment system that revolutionises your enjoyment of your favourite movies, TV and music.  Integra audio simplifies even the most complex of home entertainment problems into one or two simple devices, all of which can be accessed through Crestron, Savant, Loxone and other control interfaces.

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