Lutron have been leading the way in home lighting, window shades and temperature control innovation for over 50 years, and as such, their firm’s expertise and product line has evolved with the changing face of technology and consumer demands along the way.  The company provides over 15,000 different products worldwide, and are also responsible for over 2,700 patents.  From fluorescent lighting to LED, magnetic and electronic low-voltage illumination and more, the firm has also created lighting supplies and control technology which communicate easily as part of any home network.  Lutron lighting will work when you need it to – simplifying your home, simulating occupancy when you are away, and saving you energy.

Lutron products can be controlled and connected via an intelligent network hub which learns more about when and where you need natural or artificial light the most.  The firm’s technology can communicate with a variety of hardware and software, including Amazon Alexa enabled devices – which, via a Connect Bridge, will enable you to control your lighting via voice alone.  Lutron also offer pioneering solutions in the form of Silvia QS Wireless, a dimming and shading product which will create beautiful atmospheres, and moods – your lighting should not only be receptive to your every touch and swipe, but should also be intelligent – to offer different modes, scheduling and power options to reserve energy as and when required. 

The days of artificial light obeying a simple on/off command are long gone – dimmers, shaders and the advanced technology provided by Lutron will help to revolutionise the way you think about your use of light in the home.  Further to this, the technology provides stunning simplicity.  All you ever need to do is set up a simple schedule and let Lutron’s impressive technology do the rest.  If you’d like to save money on energy usage or simply want to exercise more control over your lighting, let Lutron make things easy for you – and our team will design, install and demonstrate a working solution that is easy to use and beneficial to your everyday life.

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