Loxone, a firm specialising in smart home technology to provide an autopilot system for all of your household needs, started business in 2009.  The company’s focus is on providing homeowners with smart foresight, enabling users to set up schedules and to teach their systems to react to certain commands and patterns making their lives more comfortable while increasing energy efficiency.  We provide Loxone technology as part of our smart home solutions along with a host of third party brands and products.

Loxone’s miniserver is intelligent, flexible and adaptable, meaning that you are able to connect and unify air conditioning, heating, security, curtains and blinds, lighting and media and entertainment seamlessly.  This is what the firm refer to as a 360 degree smart home – one which has all bases covered and which will intelligently adapt to your routines and your specifications.  With Loxone Tree, installation can be compacted into 80% less wiring thanks to a unique branching system where each branch is capable of supporting up to 50 Tree enabled devices dependent on the size of your project.  Loxone Air, on the other hand, is a high quality and reliable wireless option for clients who don’t want to re-wire their properties but still want to benefit from as much automation as possible.  This system allows you to wirelessly connect devices using mesh technology, resulting in a larger coverage area and smooth communication between devices.

If you want to benefit from the superb strides being made in smart home services and automation that can expand and adjust with time, you are going to need to make sure that your products and appliances are backed up by a reliable and efficient network and server.  Loxone can be all of this and more – also offering media server functionality for homeowners who wish to upload and digitalise their existing CDs and DVDs into one handy hub.  Ever dreamed of being able to call up your favourite movies and music in any room of the home?  Now you can.  Loxone is just one of the home automation providers we operate with – for more details on other brands, please see their respective sections on our website – or call us today for friendly support on all smart home matters.

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