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Meridian Audio was formed in 1977, and since then they have been responsible for designing and providing high-quality and innovative audio solutions to homes worldwide.  Balancing high performance audio with unique, elegant visual appeal, the firm not only specialise in designing speakers and sound systems for basic Hi-Fi or music players, but are experienced in creating cinema-quality soundscapes for home theatres and entertainment systems. 

Meridian has partnered with a variety of world-renowned engineers and brands over the years to create unique products that emphasise perfect sound quality and cutting-edge design.  Among their recent partnerships is Jaguar Land Rover, who have worked with Meridian to provide audio technology for their latest top end models.

Home cinema audio needs to emulate the theatre experience as closely as possible, and Meridian are flexible sound design professionals – which means that they will be able to offer a variety of user-friendly and easy to install products for home cinemas of all shapes and statures.  If you have a specialised cinema room and are in need of a sound system which either blends with or enhances its visual appeal, you will likely find Meridian’s range of sound system designs pleasing on the eye and even more impressive on the ear.  The firm’s own ethos is that they aim to put their listeners at the heart of every performance – which means they can effortlessly capture the famous cinematic sound for your home.

For audio solutions that not only balance form and function, but also offer the best in sound quality and aesthetic appeal, Meridian are arguably at the front of the pack.  We are able to provide Meridian sound solutions to your home cinema and entertainment network as part of any installation, which means that you will be able to use their product line in tandem with other third party services.  What’s more, you will always be able to keep control – as Meridian products work seamlessly with home network technology of all calibres. 

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