Paxton Access have been creating and providing secure IP access control, door entry and building intelligence systems for smart buildings on a commercial basis for over 30 years. Largely developing solutions for high-security environments such as those in healthcare, public sector bodies and schools, they can also be relied upon to design and produce home security that offers users a unique level of control and jurisdiction over who can enter their property.  They are amongst the fastest-growing security companies with a proven track record and business longevity.

Paxton specialise in flexible and professional access control with minimal training required, and systems that will grow as your home/business grows.  Your network can be designed to help secure your property from unwanted visitors using the firm’s patented access systems, which will not only allow you to provide PIN and swipe access to those you know and trust, but will also allow you to keep stock of who is able to enter your building or property and when.  Paxton provide access control systems that can be used in conjunction with CCTV or cameras from other security firms we partner with in our home installations.  Their compact range of card readers and keypads are vandal-proof and are completely customisable to your own security standards and needs.

Home systems can benefit from commercial standard hardware and innovation such as those created by Paxton without the need for extensive installation or rising costs.  Paxton’s range of foolproof access systems will connect and operate in line with many different control management services, and we will therefore be able to help you find the most appropriate, and most practical, customisations for you and your home.  If security is a prime concern, commercial quality access control should be at the top of your agenda.

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