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Proof Vision have been manufacturing waterproof TV supplies since 2008, and as such are genuine pioneers in what is becoming a very valuable niche. They have also launched a range of outdoor digital signage displays that pay particular attention to brightness and heat dissipation while remaining ultra-thin.  The way in which we work, relax and wind-down is changing by the day, meaning that we need to future-proof our technology – waterproof TVs are only the start.  As part of our installation and consultation services, we can provide Proof Vision TV standards into any home or business premises – from the kitchen, shower, and garden to the swimming pool.

Proof Vision waterproof TVs can be safely installed in any room of your home, which not only means that you can benefit from entertainment both upstairs and down, but in the comfort of knowing that your technology will not be impacted by water damage or any other catastrophe.  The firm’s TV systems are flat screen in design and HD in output, which means that there is no sacrifice in entertainment quality over their waterproof innovation.  This also means that their systems can be easily linked with existing third party supplies and devices, many of which we can install for you as part of a bespoke home network solution.  Proof Vision equipment can be controlled and requested through central control systems and can be used with sound and media server hardware which we offer.

For high-spec visual entertainment, crisp audio and assured safety in every product, we will be happy to discuss Proof Vision’s range of waterproof, durable TV solutions for your ideal home.  Keeping you at the heart of the process, we will discuss any ranges that appeal to you and will make suggestions where appropriate.  If the idea of flexible, safe video technology in every room appeals to you, we will endeavour to make sure it is a focus of your home design.  Please call us or email us today if you’d like to know, or if you’d like us to get started for you.

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