Savant was formed in 2005 and, since then, has been responsible for producing smart home technology for households all over the world.  Largely operating through pioneering Apple technology, Savant’s home control system and network is built to provide fluid communication between devices as diverse as audio, video, security, blinds, lighting and more. This allows you to switch between Sonos, Apple TV, Cable, and Blu-ray using either a Savant remote, or an App on your tablet, phone or smart watch, without moving from your seat.

Savant home solutions allow you to freely control features and devices within your network such as illumination and entertainment without the need for complex or confusing setup instructions.  A Savant system can be used in conjunction with the majority of products we currently offer as part of our home network solutions – meaning that you can easily mix together a collection of hardware and services to suit your needs and tastes. 

By providing such fluid access and communication, Savant aims to increase energy efficiency within the home – enabling you to use devices only when you need them, and for services to become accustomed to the usage patterns you exhibit.  The overall aim of Savant is to create home network and automation control that is user-friendly and appealing, much in the same way as Apple’s flagship line.  They can even provide media server options, allowing users to upgrade their existing CDs and DVDs into the latest digital formats.

Think of Savant as the glue that binds everything together – without a central network, how are your different devices and services going to communicate with one another?  Savant ties everything together and provides you with free reign to control your audio, video, even curtains, heating and security, all with a tap and a swipe.  It really is remarkable technology – and we’re more than happy to bring it to your home.

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