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Sonos have been reinventing home audio since 2002, and in that time they have been responsible for creating exciting, flexible sound systems that can allow users to experience their favourite music and playlists in every room of their home, be it from a radio station, a podcast, or from your personal phone/tablet .  The brand’s aim is to change the way that people listen to music – you can move speakers freely around the home and connect your music wherever you go through WiFi and the associated app.  This means that you never have to worry about complex networks of cables and wires.  If you don’t have strong WiFi connectivity, you can even connect Sonos hardware to your router via an Ethernet port.  Sonos Playbar technology, too, will help you to create a cinematic surround-sound system that will flexibly stream and play all of your favourite music and movies.

Sonos products can be installed alongside a variety of other home technology and benefits, and along with our expert home architecture services, we can efficiently blend invisible speakers and more besides into your home to ensure that your music is always accessible from within the body of your home itself. They even allow for streaming services such as Deezer, Spotify and Amazon MP3 to be used alongside any speaker services you may opt for.  Sonos systems and hardware not only aim to give you complete control but also intend to provide booming, optimal sound quality no matter what you play, when and where – and the advanced technology allows your speaker to know the structure and definition of a speaker and the acoustics of a room with minimal input from you.

All Sonos products can work together wirelessly, allowing you to fill your home with music by grouping the devices. If the thought of taking greater control over your music appeals to you, Sonos products will not only make your entertainment experience smoother, but you’ll be able to hear the difference almost instantly.  Exciting sound quality and unlimited control from over thirty different streaming services will ensure that you never tire of Sonos’ dedication to upgrading the home music experience.

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