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Stewart Filmscreen have been designing, building and providing bespoke projector screen creations for over 70 years, using only the finest materials and craftsmanship.  Supplying to clients in the commercial sector as well as homeowners, systems designers, consultants, integrators and aesthetic-conscious architects, the firm is widely regarded as one of the hardest-working and most innovative names in projection screen supply.  Each screen they produce is not only built to order, but goes through a meticulous, hand-made assembly and quality assurance line to ensure that the needs and requirements of the client are always met.

Stewart Filmscreen offer projector screen solutions as diverse as curved or domed shapes to super widescreen creations, offering what they refer to as class uniformity across each and every project they take on.  This means that, no matter what size or shape you need your film screen to be, they will not forsake colour accuracy, optimal resolutions or superb durability.  Stewart Filmscreen products can be used to work in conjunction with a wide variety of third party devices and brands, meaning that if authentic, unbeatable projection quality is high on your agenda, we can help to install the brand’s brilliant bespoke products as part of your home solution.

Custom made projection screens are likely to be a dream for any dedicated film fan, and if you are leaning towards choosing a bespoke screen for your home entertainment experience, we can highly recommend their versatile and quality-assured approach to film screen production.  Simply let us know your requirements at each stage and we will liaise with Stewart Filmscreen on your behalf.

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