Texecom have been supplying security solutions to commercial and residential customers since 1986.  They have won multiple awards for their dedication to supplying alarms, motion sensors, smoke detectors, control panels and more – offering simple innovation in keeping homes and businesses safe from intrusion and from fire.  Texecom products are considered market leaders for their tireless performance, and, as a division of Halma, are focused precisely upon saving lives and preventing hazards.

Texecom’s specialism lies in alarms and detection hardware – they are first and foremost focused upon acting as your first line of defence, offering security and perimeter breach reporting, as well as hazard reporting through innovative fire and vibration detectors.  Offering motion sensors, always-on control, a variety of remote monitoring and analysis software as well as functionality in and out of the home, you really are given your own security team at your disposal at any time.  You can set your own customisation, sensitivity and more besides with flexible operations and user interfaces provided to you on request.  If running wires is not an option then Texecom also offer a wireless range of products called the Ricochet range, introduced to offer safe, reliable security with a unique style.

Texecom products are designed with home safety and hazard prevention in mind, meaning that a security system built with their Premier or Veritas Series will provide you with a solid defence.  Texecom aims to stop problems before they occur – and we will provide information on their wide range of products and services to you while designing your custom solution.

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