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When it comes to manufacturing the highest quality of sound systems, Triad is a visionary designer, creating some of the world’s best high end loudspeakers and audio systems. Founded in 1982, the company have worked tirelessly to produce systems at the forefront of sound technology and manufacturing. The company has since built its world renowned reputation by word of mouth from customers for providing the best custom made speakers on the market. Triad are proud to still bare the rare stamp of “Made in the USA” on all of their bespoke audio systems. Designed and manufactured in Portland, Oregon and shipped to hand selected Triad dealers within three to five working days, your product is hand crafted and built to your specifications and requirements upon ordering. As a Triad customer, this ensures you are purchasing only the best custom made audio system and not a generic model which has been sat in a warehouse for several years.

The company design their systems, not as commodities for listening, but for customers to experience sound in a whole new way. They believe you should never settle for an audio system that provides otherwise. Triad create unique and individual audio systems that integrate seamlessly within any room, providing high quality audio throughout the finest living environments. Triad designs allow you the ultimate placement options for your custom speaker system. Triad speakers can be selected to fit in or on walls, ceilings or elsewhere in the room. The company create all of their custom audio systems to feature the same type of full enclosure for the best sound quality and isolation. This ensures you experience the same high quality of Triad integrated sound experience regardless of the placement in your home. The product finishes can also be selected to suit your existing decor. Triad offer various stock finishes as well as the ability to match wood or paint finishes using a sample provided by you.

We are proud to offer Triad products to our customers. Triad are a long standing environmentally conscious manufacturer who go the extra mile by reducing the use of harsh solvents and the use of water based finishes, to limit pollution and to produce environmentally friendly products. To find out more about creating your perfect audio system, take a look at our product collection or contact one of our experts for more information.

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