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Single Room Solutions

The heart of your home is the place where you want to retire at the end of a long day, a space where you can entertain guests, a room that holds memories of quality time with family and friends.  With single room solutions, we can turn this space into an automation heaven – where the whole environment is at your fingertips, leaving you free to enjoy your favourite movies, your music collection, the latest videogames or simply to enjoy the company of family and friends.

Single room solutions are rapidly becoming more popular – they can incorporate audio-visual solutions, acoustic treatment, media servers, responsive heating, intuitive lighting, air conditioning and more – all with your ability to take control from a single interface, offering complete power to you.  You’ll be free to enjoy your space wherever you may be – from dining rooms, lounges, reception areas and bedrooms to dedicated cinema rooms.  You’ll be able to control and enjoy flexible, responsive technology with the perfect ambiance for you and your guests.

Looking to entertain guests, to unwind in style or to upgrade your bedroom or lounge?  Let our expert team help – we’ll discuss your ideal single room fit-out with you and we will line up products and solutions to help make your downtime that little bit more intuitive.  Why work for your home when your home can work for you?  Contact us and we’ll help to make your dream single room solution a reality.

Multiroom AV Solutions

If you have ever dreamt of being able to access your entire media library from anywhere in your home, multi-room solutions can provide you with stunning quality audio and video solutions no matter where you may be.  Whether you’d like to listen to different music in each room, or would like the same playlist to play in several rooms, we will ensure that you gain full access and control over your media in each and every room of your home.

We will also help you to share entertainment from service providers such as Sky, Virgin Media and Netflix from room to room – and you will even be able to integrate your existing music supply and library from smartphones, tablets and MP3 players to be played throughout your home.  You can even access media through voice control – with the addition of Amazon Alexa devices to the network.  Unifying all of your media services together for signals to be distributed to different locations saves on storage space as well as time and effort – and there’s no need for additional equipment, simply screens and speakers wherever you need them. Our technology will allow you to start watching or listening in one room, continue in another, and will even allow different users to enjoy the same entertainment in different rooms simultaneously. Our range of top-performance products will enable you to enjoy your music, movies and more in the quality they were intended for.

Using multi-room AV solutions from brands and manufacturers such as HD Anywhere, Crestron, Wyrestorm, Savant and Loxone will allow you and your family to share media in the highest possible quality available – and with easy access and fluid communication between devices at all times.

Home Theatre Systems

Ever imagined bringing home the audio and visual quality of the cinema?  While TV, Blu-Ray and 4K quality do their best to provide an optimal visual and sound experience, there is little that can outpace the experience of watching your favourite movies, sporting events or TV series, or even playing the latest videogames on an all-encompassing home theatre system, where control is simple, elegant and intuitive.

Home theatre systems can be designed and implemented in the form of dedicated cinema rooms with fixed screens, projectors and seating, or can be incorporated into a multi-functional room where projectors and screens slide into view only when they are in use.  This means that your lounge or dining room can be transformed into an entertainment lounge at your demand.

Having a home theatre system can be a truly immersive experience – with unbeatable visuals, optimised surround sound and acoustics, high comfort seating and intuitive lighting to provide you with the perfect cinema experience in your own home.  You can even opt for specialised furniture to really upgrade your entertainment to a premium standard.  We understand that you need all of these factors to be able to create the full movie experience – as their creators intend – and we therefore use our expertise in high-end audio-video and home cinema design solutions to bring cinema quality entertainment home for you, your family and friends to enjoy.

If you’re considering setting up a home cinema, why not take a closer look and arrange a visit to one of our demo facilities before you buy?

Entertainment Servers

If you love your entertainment, it is highly likely that a media server will revolutionise the way you listen and watch. Media and entertainment servers provide on-demand playback throughout your home through integrated speakers and video solutions – from a digital library of your favourite albums and movies.

Media servers provide you with the opportunity to upgrade your existing CDs and DVDs and also to cut down on any storage you may have for them – servers will enable you to match and download your favourite music and film in the highest available quality for playback through pioneering technology. By integrating a server with speakers and video, you can play a song in each room or can share your video content throughout your home. Media servers allow for seamless AV sharing no matter where you may be.

Our team can set up and install a media server for your home as part of a wider installation or even as a standalone project. Working with top name brands such as Kaleidescape, Sonos and Autonomic, we assure quality and functionality as well as the ability for you to fluidly share your media from room to room. Take a closer look at our Brands pages for more details – and you could be sharing music in the bathroom, movies in the kitchen and more.

High Performance Audio

What good is music if it can’t be heard at its optimum quality?  We are proud to be working with some of the biggest innovators in audio quality and provision in the industry, such as Meridian, Triad, Amina and Sonance – meaning that whether you have in mind a home theatre room, a media server or more, we will be able to design and build a custom audio platform for you that will redefine the way you listen to and enjoy music and movies.

High fidelity audio is at the very top of our agenda when designing homes that are built around sound.  We’ll work with you to create a series of soundscapes that really amplify your music at an optimum quality.  We can install audio features and functionality throughout your home in ways you may never have imagined, from speakers flush-mounted into walls and ceilings to those which are, to the naked eye, completely invisible.

Whether you’re installing a home cinema system in a media room or as part of a lounge or dining area, you should never skimp on audio quality.  We work with many top brands within the world of audio to bring you crisp, clear sound no matter where you are in your home.  Our teams know exactly what it takes to replicate the purest sounds in even the smallest of spaces.  We will create an audio-visual experience to blow your guests away.

Home Automation

Complete home control is just one of our specialities and we will work with you to create a household that reacts to your every need without hassle or fuss.  Offering limitless control over your home security/accessibility, your entertainment, lighting, heating and more, a smart home is not just one that makes life easier for you – it is safer, more energy-efficient and will save you money long-term.  The services you wish to use will activate when you need them, and will therefore only ever use the minimum energy and exertion required, whether you’re home or away from home.

Home automation is all about convenience – it saves you time and effort as well as money and energy.  Lighting and blinds can be automated to work to your schedule, as can heating and air conditioning.  This also provides for an unparalleled level of comfort – you no longer need to operate devices separately or find the ideal level for each appliance as they will come together and work for you.  Further to this, a home that benefits from automation will not only be impressive for guests, but it will also add considerable value to your home – a property already fitted with smart functionality and accessibility will be attractive to many buyers no matter where you may live.

Our team are experts in the provision, demonstration and aftercare of home automation and the various devices that can make up a network.  From pioneering control technology (via Crestron, Loxone, Lutron and Savant) through to famous brands and the best in audio and video equipment, we give you complete ease of use and access to heating, cooling, security and more besides.  A smart home is one which is seamlessly and intelligently linked through a common centre, and we will always be on hand to help you get the most out of it – from your first day through to months or even years down the line.

Lighting and Blind Controls

We don’t just need light in our homes to show us the way – we need it to create moods, to set scenes, and to ease us into our comfy chairs after a hard day at work.  Lighting systems can provide you and your family with incredible control over the way in which your rooms are illuminated, and can even allow you to keep close quarters over how much energy you are using.  From smart LED bulbs to intelligent curtain control, you’ll be able to maximise and use both artificial and natural light to your advantage, whenever you may need it.

Consider using a home cinema system – lighting will need to be just right in order for you to experience the full effects of a superb visual display.  Therefore, we can install  and program lighting which responds directly to your entertainment and usage.  You’ll be able to request your lights to dim, to flash, to gradually fade at a certain hour – you will be able to attain complete control over when your lights turn on and off, which lights work the hardest, and where you are most likely to need automation.  This is a real boon for anyone who is tired of walking halfway across a room to switch on a light – and it makes bedroom lighting solutions all the more simpler, too.  Simply control your lighting via your control panel or smartphone app and your home will do the rest.

Lighting and blind solutions also work well to create occupancy simulation – a deterrent for any would-be intruders or anyone you feel may be getting too close for comfort.  By programming your lights, blinds and curtains to routinely open and close, you’ll create the illusion of occupancy without you ever needing to be there.  This is great news for anyone who is security or privacy conscious – and it works hand-in-hand with security services that can be set up with your smart home and your control panel.

Interior Design Architecture

All Tech Comforts works closely with talented professionals in interior design and architecture to be able to integrate complete, functional media solutions into any design project.  Our teams work together to not only find the most practical ways to install the services you need, but also to preserve the existing look and design of your home.  Our projects are wholly focused on upgrading your home’s technology while retaining the existing aesthetic appeal and atmosphere you have already created.

Our interior design architecture services will look at the bigger picture – your rooms and space – and will help to identify how we can implement smart home features in the most effective and beneficial ways.  We will find new ways to improve your rooms’ acoustics for spectacular sound quality.  We will try where possible to keep within your existing décor/style, recommending products accordingly. Alternatively, if you’d like equipment to be on show, we can cater for that too!

While some technology may require interior design or architectural adjustment – for example in home cinema rooms – our teams will amend or adjust as little or as much as you require.  We will therefore work with you on a design and will inform you on our manufacturing and installation progress each step of the way – therefore ensuring you know exactly what to expect from us.


Here at All Tech Comforts, we have often seen the care and attention to detail that goes into creating a visually stunning and functional home.  Therefore, it is only fitting that our customers receive optimal security and safety tools to be able to protect their families, homes and businesses.  We therefore provide a range of security innovations from some of the industry’s leading surveillance and safety brands – including commercial-standard suppliers such as Avigilon, Hikvision, Dahua and Texecom – so that you can have peace of mind whether at home or away.

Security measures such as enhanced access control and databases, NACOSS approved intelligent intruder alarms, motion sensor camera technology, advanced CCTV, video management and more can be installed as part of your home or business.  Professional video capture and surveillance will help you to survey your property with ease.  Access control, whether through fob access or even biometric and fingerprint scanning, will ensure that only those you trust can ever enter your property or premises.  Our security solutions focus on giving you complete control over who comes in and out – and you can keep an eye on proceedings from afar as well as on-site with associated applications and services.

Working with security industry specialists and using our own technical and installation expertise to ensure that your home or business is protected at all times, we will not only seal your property as tightly as it needs to be, but we will demonstrate all technology installed for you before you get started.  Working with some of the most talented manufacturers in the industry, we will give you complete control over the things that matter most to you.

Commercial Solutions

With all the technological advances within the residential market, it is no surprise that the commercial sector, too, is catching on.  We provide a variety of products, brands and services to help businesses improve security measures, streamline their workloads or simply improve production with pioneering technology.  As with our home installations, we can unify brands and services to best fit your firm’s needs.

We can design bespoke collaboration rooms for your business – making the most out of communication technology, smart video conferencing, cloud storage and discreet projection to create the perfect project suite.  When you need to collaborate on projects from afar, or need to work with clients based elsewhere, we can design and install an efficient system that allows you to work together without losing time or effort.

We are able to provide whole building audio/video distribution, allowing you to share projects and important data with your team no matter which floor they may be on.  Our building automation services will enable you to access security, energy management, and other daily responsibilities at the touch of a button, giving you more time to focus on growing/managing your business.  We can supply solutions ranging from infrastructure services, to advanced security controls, and bespoke digital signage – which you may use to promote your business, communicate data to your team, or even update them on projects.

Businesses are growing more dependent on technology in all fields, and it’s therefore important to stay ahead of the game with an office system, collaboration room or conference room that is responsive, versatile, effective and simple to use.  You’ll be surprised how quickly your efficiency will improve with smart technology enhancement.  At home or in the office, let us build you a custom solution that works for you, and not the other way around.

IT Solutions


A solid, working IT infrastructure is important both at home and at work.  Smart home solutions require an efficient and hard-working framework which will allow users to freely listen to music, watch movies and more besides – technology implemented as part of our projects will allow your services to communicate freely and fluidly, which will in turn provide you with greater control over the media you love.  Our residential IT infrastructure solutions can be internalised completely in-house on a virtual or cloud basis, allowing for less hardware and maintenance long-term.

Through a centralised infrastructure or room, we will be able to house a variety of devices and technology, from networking equipment, routers and smart home solutions through to entertainment provision, AV equipment and more besides.  We aim to create maximum space for you to be able to control and enjoy your new devices – and we can therefore implement an internalised, hidden area where much of your hardware and networking equipment can be safely stored. This means that your home system will work for you, autonomously, in the background – and out of sight unless you need it.

All Tech Comforts will help to design the perfect IT infrastructure for your home from the very start of the project – taking into account your interior architecture and desired hardware so that a data network can be introduced into design plans as early as possible.


IT infrastructure for business needs to provide communication between devices that is as consistent and unbroken as possible.  Lesser systems require regular care and maintenance to ensure that they continue to operate at peak performance – as any loss of data, or even function, can greatly impact on business costs.  IT infrastructures of old have in fact hindered businesses in the past when they should have been increasing company efficiency.  All Tech Comforts, therefore, provide a unique commercial IT Infrastructure service that aims to maintain efficient performance and reduce expense for years to come.

Our commercial IT infrastructure standards can provide virtualisation of servers, storage and remote backups and restoration, which means that the need for physical hardware and support is virtually removed.  Disaster recovery and intuitive data backup can be provided to ensure that your business is ready to bounce back from any problems within minutes.  We optimise your infrastructure to ensure that your business is always performing at its best – and with complete control over the management of all linked devices and solutions.

All Tech Comforts’ commercial IT solutions aim to provide you with smart technology that performs consistently at peak rate, with a focus on granting accessibility and power to the end user – in addition to reliable and flexible virtualisation and disaster recovery services.

Electrical Installation

Throughout our home installation work we can assure you that our team has the expertise and experience to build smart solutions for your home that are functional and safe.  The All Tech Comforts team are NICEIC certified, and we will therefore always ensure that work carried out is tested and certificated to industry standards.  We welcome projects that require housing codes of practice compliance and can also conform to any standards expected of us.

Our team provide, manufacture and install electrical works that are provisioned complete and to the closest detail.  We ensure that we closely adhere to any existing décor or style in your home throughout our design process, and we will work closely with you to provide you samples of our fittings and finishes before starting work.  Whether single or 3-phase, we will keep you informed on what you can expect from your installation in terms of your incoming supply.  We will accommodate for generators, plant rooms and other electrical supplies that are relevant to your home networking needs and will ensure that you are aware of how everything will connect together and operate.

When installing for residential use, we will always discuss your specific needs in each room of your home to ensure that your furniture and interior design can be respected ahead of any installation taking place.  We will work closely with you to address how we can improve the efficiency of your home to industry standards – without compromising on your existing home setup or requirements.

Our commercial installations will require heavy duty supplies and technology – many of which may require plant rooms which will need to be supplied and installed on a discreet basis.  Commercial projects require thorough planning and careful implementation, which means we will ensure that we balance aesthetic appeal with safe functionality and ease of use as the final outcome.  We aim to emphasise neat, visually appealing solutions alongside technological enhancement in every project.

Our engineers and sub-contractors carefully oversee each facet of our electrical installations from start to finish, and will make sure that all electrical requirements for heating, air conditioning, plant rooms and more are fully tested and provided to client requirements.  All Tech Comforts will ensure that all necessary supplies and expertise are provided for engineers and sub-contractors to complete the work you need to a safe and exceptional standard.  These may include accessories and devices such as control systems, pumps and thermostats where required.

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